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IB Language Requirements

IB Language Requirements

Second Language Courses Options

Options at Parkland:

  1. French IB SL face-to-face instruction at Parkland at no additional cost above the registration fee.  Most students take this course in their timetable.  *More Information on French is below.  

  2. Pamoja online language acquisition - Approx. $ 4,750 for two years (subject to change) - Language Options in Mandarin and Spanish. 

  3. SSST (School Support Self-Taught) is a literature course in the student’s home language, with tutoring and costs arranged and covered by the family. School-Supported Self Taught (SSST) is a great option for students to select a Language A: Literature SL Course in their Home Language and meets the requirements of a second language for the IB Diploma.  Our Parkland coordinator will provide weekly guidance around IB requirements in this self-taught course.  If you do not have a connection to a tutor, then here are two companies that provide tutoring at a cost that you can hire:

    1. Langford International Education Consultancy Ltd.

    2. MIH Unlimited

Students must complete one of the above courses to meet the second language requirements of the IB Diploma Program.  

Please indicate the course you want to enroll in on your registration form.

French Language Requirements in the IB Diploma

The IB Diploma Programme requires students to take a second language as one of their 6 courses. Second language learning is good for the brain. It helps students understand another culture and world view through language, and it helps to further develop students’ overall language and communication skills. At Parkland we offer IB French to satisfy the IB second language requirement.

For students who have taken French as a Second Language throughout elementary, middle and secondary school, IB French (Standard Level) would be the appropriate French course to take. French 9 and French 10 (or the equivalent) are mandatory prerequisites for this course with a mark of A or B.

For French Immersion students that have been in French Immersion through to the end of grade 10, IB French (Higher Level) would be the appropriate IB French course to take. IB French (Higher Level) spans grade 11 and 12 and enables French Immersion students to continue developing their French Language skills while also studying French works of Literature. It is recommended that students have received a B or higher in Francais Langue 9 and 10 as a prerequisite for IB French (Higher Level).

FSL students that are strong in French and are prepared for a challenge can also apply for IB French (Higher Level).
Students without a background in either FSL or French Immersion will have to take French Ab Initio (Standard Level). Unfortunately Parkland does not offer this course so it would have to be taken through the IB online course provider (and paid for by the student).